How to Properly Wear and Maintain Your Smartwatch


Smartwatches are excellent devices that rapidly replace regular digital and analog wristwatches in society. With multiple functions, asides from telling the time, more and more people are looking to buy smartwatches like the huawei smartwatch because of its features that help with health and other vital functions. 

However, a smartwatch isn’t without maintenance. When you have a smartwatch, you need to know how to use the watch to stand the test of time properly. Usually, smartwatches come at high prices because of their features. Thus, you wouldn’t want to waste that amount of money because of wrong or zero maintenance. 

Maintaining a smartwatch starts from the way you wear the smartwatch. This guide will explain how you can wear a smartwatch properly. After that, we’ll discuss the cleaning and general maintenance tips to ensure your smartwatch lasts for as long as possible. 

How to wear a smartwatch

Of course, there’s no unique method to wear a smartwatch other than the regular watch-wearing technique. But with a smartwatch, you must ensure enough contact with your skin – so your watch can read heart rate, number of steps, and other activities. At the same time, you don’t need to wear the smartwatch too tight to the skin because it will get uncomfortable. As long as your smartwatch isn’t moving up and down when you move your hands, it’s okay. At intervals during the day, you can take your smartwatch off your hands to air dry your skin. A watch staying firmly in one position on your skin will cut short the free flow of air. But with a conscious removal, the skin can get aired. 

How to clean and maintain a smartwatch

  • Cleaning a smartwatch is necessary to keep the watch looking sharp over time. However, cleaning a smartwatch depends heavily on the material used to make the smartwatch. There are sports smartwatches, metal smartwatches, and leather smartwatches. The way you clean each will be different from the others. Here’s how to clean each; 
  • Metal smartwatches; There’s a common misconception that the metal straps in a smartwatch are somehow resistant to water – that’s not true. If you continue to sweat on the metal smartwatch, it will develop rust. As much as possible, try to clean the metal smartwatch with clean cloth when wet or dirty. In a place with hot weather and strenuous exercises, a metal smartwatch isn’t your best option. 
  • Sports Smartwatches: A sports smartwatch works perfectly well when you’re exercising with the watch. However, it doesn’t mean you can sweat all over the watch after exercising. As much as possible, clean the sweat off your wristwatch with damp cloth and dry. 
  • Leather smartwatches: These are probably the most fragile smartwatches that require frequent maintenance. As much as possible, try not to get it in contact with water. When it does, ensure you clean off the water in time. A leather wristwatch isn’t the right one for harsh weather – hot or cold. You have to be very careful with your leather smartwatch, as even frequent squeezing can damage the watch.


Wearing and maintaining your smartwatch doesn’t require magical procedures. But as explained in this guide, they need them to last longer. If you want your smartwatch to last long, you may want to follow the procedures for wearing and cleaning it above. 


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