Wood Pellet Making Machine & Its Uses


Wood pellets are an important innovation in the general market. With the rise in bioprocessing, several environmentally conscious businesses have taken the initiative to change their ways and start using pellets. These pellets are made from processing biomass from plant-based waste products such as straw, nutshell, husks, wood chips, etc. After processing, these pellets are produced in bulk and distributed to different businesses that require them. This article elaborates on wood pellet making machine that’ll help you get an insight of wood pellets and their machines in details.

Wood Pellet & Pellet Machine Uses

Wood pellets have taken the market by the throat since their introduction. Their versatility is huge and because of that, they are a popular product in the eyes of the public.

1. Making Furniture

Wood pellets can be used in making furniture. While making them, often it is necessary to give the furniture proper structure. Wood pellets are of several different sizes. Using these different sizes to their advantage, carpenters often use wood pellets to thicken the boards used in giving structure to the furniture. This makes the furniture last long.

2. Using As Insulation Instead of Polystyrene

Wood pellets are made from processing biomass. This biomass has wood chips, crushed wood, nutshell, etc. These materials are bad conductors of heat. Due to their molecular structure, they do not allow heat to pass through them. That is why being made of these gives wood pellets the same properties. Wood pellets are bad conductors of heat. These are excellent insulators and cheaper in comparison to polystyrene. Hence, this makes them a better and more economical alternative to polystyrenes.

3. Feeding Animals

Pellets are often used in feeding animals. Based on different diameters, different materials are used to produce pellets that are used to feed different animals. For example, corn stalk pellets that are 8mm in diameter are used to feed bigger animals. On the other hand, soybean pellets that are 5mm in diameter are used in poultry farming. They are a cheap and nutritious food source for animals and poultry.

4. As a Burning Fuel

Wood pellets are highly combustible. Everything about these pellets screams biodegradability. From the size to the material they are made of to the products they give. That is why Wooden pellets are used as burning fuel. Being easily mass-produced, these products are easy to buy and store. These are made devoid of moisture for longevity. Because of these mentioned reasons, they are an amazing choice of fuel that one can use. They are economic and help in environmental sustainability.

5. Acts As An Organic Fertilizer

Any pellet found in the market is made of biomass. This biomass can be easily degraded by bacteria and nature when left alone. That is why these act as the perfect bio-fertilizer. The main function of fertilizer is to enrich the soil with nutrients to help plants grow properly and healthily. These wood pellets do the same. They are high in nutrient content owing to their composition. They get degraded easily and turn into humus in the future.

6. Perfect Activated Carbon Resource

Activated carbons are carbon-rich materials or products. These are almost like charcoal, but unlike charcoals which require several years of high pressure and temperature to form, these don’t. This activated carbon help to eliminate nasty odors from the house. Burning wood pellets give the same result as they are high in activated carbon.


Yulong is a company that makes these bioprocessing machines. These bioprocessing machines have a high load capacity. That ensures smooth mass production of pellets in a short time. These machines are perfect for long-term use. Made of high-quality stainless steel, these are perfect for bulk production of pellets. They can produce up to 3 tons of wood pellets in less than an hour.


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