A Guide to Setting up Your Huawei AX3 Mesh Kit

mesh ax3

You might be wondering what is a mesh kit?

A mesh kit is a combination of the main router with a series of nodes or routers placed all around the house to boost WiFi coverage. It acts as a single WiFi network with shared credentials. The mesh is easily expandable and can be designed according to your needs.

 In this article, we’ll talk about the Huawei ax3 mesh kit and how to set it up.

Advantages of WiFi Mesh

There are several advantages of mesh networks that will bring ease into your life. The main advantage is routers are connected to another and failure to connect with one point will redirect to another point/router. 

The management of mesh networks was hard in old times, but now you can manage everything through your smartphone. The power to modify the network is always at your fingertips. 

The flexible size of the mesh is another key advantage. You can always control the size of your mesh. If you think there are not enough, add much as you like. However, if you think there are too many get rid of them as your need.

AX3 Mesh Kit

The Huawei AX3 router is the cutting-edge Quad-Core router that comes with WiFi 6. The company claims speeds up to 3000Mbps (at 5 GHz) which is more than enough to stream games and HD videos. The mesh kit comes with a bundle of three AX3 routers for the configuration and supports up to 128 devices at once. 

Setting up Your Mesh Kit

Now, let’s learn how to set up the mesh network.

Step 1:

Connect the power adapter to an electrical power point and switch on the router. 

Step 2:

Now, connect the main router with your AX3 router through a LAN cable. You should connect the LAN cable to LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, or LAN4 on the main router and to the WAN port of the AX3 router.

Step 3:

Download and install the “HUAWEI AI Life” App from Google Play Store/App Store. This App lets you configure the mesh network through your smartphone. 

Step 4:

Now, there are two ways to connect your phone with the router. You can use the NFC feature or through settings.

If your device supports NFC, enable it and touch the NFC area of the router with your smartphone. You can follow the instructions after it is connected.

Another way is to go to your WiFi settings and search for the name of the router. The name is given in the back of the router and no password is required. 

Step 5:

Follow the steps in the App like signing up with the credentials supplied by the ISP. Setting up the username and password or MAC filtering. 

Step 6:

You can use these same steps to connect all the routers in your mesh. Place the routers carefully to maximize the coverage area for your comfortable use. 


We hope this article has helped you to learn about the Huawei AX3 WiFi mesh kit. If you’re struggling with WiFi coverage issues, you can follow this guide and set up your own mesh network. 


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