Zigbee Module-Things You Need to Know


Zigbee technology is an IEEE standards-based, wireless technology developed to enable machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of things (IoT) networks of low-power, low-data devices.

Zigbee’s standard protocol is IEEE 802.15.4, which can connect devices from 1m to 100m. It mostly works on the WANs principle. Alibaba offers a wide assortment of all Zigbee-enabled devices.

Zigbee Module

At its simplest Zigbee module is a small device that enables the connection of thousands of low-power, low-data, proximity devices to transmit data wirelessly. Its function depends on radio waves like Bluetooth and WIFI.

But unlike WIFI, it uses very fewer data and, unlike Bluetooth, allows connectivity to thousands of devices when networked in a mesh topology. Its name is taken from the waggle dance of honey bees that they perform when they return to their hive.

A Zigbee module is less than 3-centimeter squares in the area and has a memory of less than 1 MB. zigbee module manufacturers keep various aspects in mind and make a wide range of Zigbee modules.

How it Works

Zigbee modules containing components make a network. Following are the components of such a network;


It is the primary node that controls data transmission, stores information about the network, and chooses the channel for message delivery. Each network contains only one coordinator.


An intermediate node passes data from the coordinator to end devices. The router allows other devices to enter to network.

End Device

It is the device to be operated with remote control/cellphone. They act as a powerhouse, contain a battery, and operate with very less power. It can send data only to a coordinator and router.

Alibaba Zigbee modules fit all the components.

Effects of Different Topologies

Zigbee networks may have different topologies; star topology, mesh topology a tree topology are the most common.

Star Topology

In star topology, there is no router, and all devices are directly connected to the coordinator. Its limitation is that there is no alternative path for data; when the coordinator stops, everything shuts down. That’s why it works better only for a few devices.

Tree Topology

Tree topology consists of a few routers, one coordinator, and several end devices. End devices connected to a router or coordinator are called children, and they cannot communicate with each other. Hence if the parent (coordinator or router) fails to send data to an end device, it won’t function.

Mesh Topology

Every node is connected to many other nodes, parent nodes (coordinator or router) or children (end devices) nodes. Hence if there’s any break or hindrance in a pathway, data finds another way to be transmitted.

Applications of Zigbee

It enables one to maintain and control data transmission in medical data collection. It helps in sensing smoke in smoke alarms and intrusion in intruder alarms. It also helps large stores to track trolleys and make restocking.

Zigbee is the technology that laid the foundation for smart homes. Yes! With this technology, you can control your appliances with your phone. You can find Zigbees applications from home doorbell sensors to material handlings at huge production sites. LED bulbs and other utility devices manufacturer can easily find all sorts of Zigbee modules on Alibaba .com.


The above article briefly described everything you need to know about the Zigbee module. You can visit Alibaba.com to select a Zigbee module of your choice. You need a Zigbee module to make your life easy for your home or business. Zigbee modules are there to save your data and power, save your money, and protect the planet.


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