Top Quality Wholesale Silicon Beads


Beautiful silicone beads wholesale, hand-picked by our team for their safety and aesthetic quality, made by the world’s top factories. Perfect for usage in an educational setting with children over 36 months, they are also great for constructing dummy clips and other teething accessories. Our Silicone Teethers and Satin Cords make a beautiful set, but you can also make a fantastic keychain with our Metal Keyrings and a lovely rattle with some Bells.

The Variety of Beads That We Stock

silicone beads come in various shapes that are perfect for a wide range of DIY projects. You can add your personal touch to your accessories with a wide variety of beads, from the timeless classic round and flat-round beads to the adorable turtles and raccoons. We have an extensive color palette, so you can mix and match our materials to your heart’s content.

Because of their rigorous testing by three separate safety standards, these silicone beads pose zero health risks (LFGB, FDA, and EN 71). These premium beads are safe for kids to chew on because they are made without harmful substances. Even though the listed price is per bead, we provide discounts for purchasing larger quantities of silicone teething beads. If you are interested in purchasing silicone beads in bulk quantities

Crystal Beads

If you’re a star, Clips and Beads will recognize you. Oh, come on, it wasn’t like that at all! We also carry two versions of the classic star shape in many bead collections. The first, named “Smooth Star,” is a silicone bead in the shape of a star that is both round and pliable. The “Snowflake Star” variety is different because it has more pronounced lines. Color Scheme: Grey, Sky Blue, White, and Turquoise for Smooth Star.

Toy Beads Made of Flexible Silicone, Round and Flat

These beads are 12mm in diameter and are frequently paired with other beads to add visual interest to projects like pacifier clips and keychains. If you’re looking for ideas for putting them to good use, check out our popular guide to making personalized pacifier clips. Their odd shape has earned them the Spanish name “lentejitas” (little lentils!). Our silicone flat round beads come in the following color options.

Cubic Silicone Beads

Hexagon beads are another widely used shape. Customers have been spotted using them to make all sorts of things, including teething necklaces. In addition to being available in a rainbow of colors, the Hexagon Beads we provide will add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your beautiful designs.

Rubber Beads Shaped Like a Heart

Some of our most popular items are these silicone valentines. Our unique design is both trendy and beautiful, and the heart is a timeless shape for communicating feelings of affection. They may be used for any personalized object and look great as a present. Our silicone hearts are available in a wide selection of colors.


We based our selection of three lovely drawings on the fact that children universally love adorable creatures. We had nothing but praise from everyone who tried them. The Koala, the Raccoon, and the Turtle are three of our most lovely patterns now on offer.


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