What to Consider When Buying Automatic Soldering Machine


A soldering iron is a hand tool that is used to join electrical components to other components or wires. It is typically used in electronics repair, electrical and plumbing applications. In plumbing, it is also known as a torch.

The main types of soldering irons are manual, cordless and electric. Manual soldering irons use tips that are made by heating metal wires inside the tip with an external flame, while cordless and electric soldering irons use a built-in heating element that heats up instantly when you switch the unit on.

The main features that you should consider when buying an automatic soldering machine are:


The power rating of an automatic soldering machine indicates how much heat it can generate. You need one that has enough power to melt solder without having to constantly reheat the tip.

Temperature control

When you choose a model with adjustable temperature control, you can ensure that you are working within the correct temperature range for your workpiece material and function without damaging it or causing damage in the process of making repairs or adding new components.

Machine Maintenance

You should consider the maintenance cost and how much time it takes to maintain your machine. This will allow you to determine if it is worth buying an automatic soldering machine that requires less maintenance or you can opt for a manual one which doesn’t require much maintenance.

Solder Nozzles

The solder nozzle is the part of the machine that melts the solder and applies it to your board. You should consider how many nozzles do you need for your project and what type of nozzle does your soldering iron have? It is recommended to have at least 3 nozzles when working on large projects, but 2 would work just fine as well if you are working with smaller projects like repairing mobile phones or laptops etc.


The configuration refers to how many boards will be fed into the machine at once, this includes both top-bottom and side-side configurations. If you want a more efficient process then buy a machine with more than 1 board feeder, this would enable you to work on more than one board at once without having to change them manually over again every time they come out of the machine after being soldered together by hand.

Solder Nozzles

The solder nozzles are important as they play a vital role in determining how well your project will turn out. You can choose from single or multiple tip nozzles depending on what type of work you need to do. For example, if you are working on small projects like repairing electronics, then a single tip nozzle will do just fine. If, however, your project involves soldering large components such as circuit boards, then multiple tip nozzles will be useful as well as convenient for handling large pieces without wasting time on moving them around each time you want to make an adjustment or fix something wrong with them.

Pre heating

Preheating means that before soldering parts are heated up so that they can be melted by heat transfer before being soldered together. For example: when using lead-free solder alloy, preheating is necessary because lead-free solder alloy has poor flow characteristics compared with lead-containing solder alloys due to its low melting point (230℃).

PCB handling:

The first thing to consider is how the PCBs will be handled by the machine. If you want to do small scale production, then this may not matter too much to you, but if you want to do high volume production then this could be very important. If your circuit boards are small enough and light enough, then they can be fed into a machine manually by hand. However, if they are larger or heavier than this then they may need to be fed in using automated feeding systems that require mechanical handling systems such as conveyors or belts. This will require extra space in your facility and also extra costs associated with maintenance and staffing.


The first thing to consider when buying an automatic soldering machine is whether or not the brand is reputable and has a good track record. Consider what kind of service and support the brand will provide if you have questions or concerns and if they have enough experience to back up their claims. Remember, it isn’t always about price, so do your research before making a purchase.


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