FIFA 22 coins guide to making millions using packs and SBCs


This guide aims to take you from the day one starter pack and teach you how to make millions without any money invested. No, this is not a joke or anything cringy like that – I will show you step by step how to become rich in FUT 22 using just packs, daily objectives, and SBCs.

Before we begin, I want to clarify that this guide is NOT like all those “guides about making coins” (and there are a lot of such principles), which only care about getting you to spend as much money as possible. Instead, I will be showing you how to become rich FAST without paying anything and never lose any of your coins.

So you want to earn some quick FIFA 22 coins, do you? Do you have some money that needs spending on FUT packs? Well, let me tell you how to make thousands of FUT 22 coins using only the contents of your wallet. We are looking at over 100K per hour here, but it can easily be more if you are patient with the market – Get Code

FIFA 22 coin tips:

Tip 1

Don’t buy untradeable cards for too much. If I see one more person buying an untradeable card for 800-900, it makes me sick. NOBODY is going to pay that price anymore! I will not waste my time listing them in my target player list, and nobody else will either. Prices have come down a lot for these cards; they are now more affordable. I will only buy Untradeables when a few hundred coins have pushed the price up because of lack of supply and high demand. A perfect example of this would be the English Premier League TOTS, which sold for over 800 a couple of weeks ago but now can be picked up for 600 or so. If you look at my player prices now, most untradeable is listed below market value as nobody is buying them from me anymore.

Tip 2

Don’t waste your coins on bronze players. Anybody who tells you to spend 100K on bronze packs is mad! You’ll end up with garbage players who won’t go anywhere unless they are the special card like the released English lower league TOTS. Get yourself a decent team together, and then save for better players to upgrade your squad.

Tip 3

Your money bag is as valuable as your coins. Use it! If you repeatedly buy packs with your coins, you will eventually lose lots of cash as cards pull out from groups, and they leave only rubbish inside. Sell these players on before their market value drops or use them to complete SBCs instead. You can also do what I do: save up all my money and wait until the last day to spend all of it buying packs in one go at under 1-hour intervals rather than having multiple 100K+ transactions throughout the wee,k leaving me without many coins for anything else.

The Goal

Ok, so once you have a team set up and your money bag full, it’s time to start earning those FUT 22 coins! Here is what you need to do:

#1) Buy as many players as possible from the transfer market using your 1-hour double auction feature. You can search for any player available, but I find it much easier to make a list of priority targets which are the ones below market value with decent stats and no more than 1-2 days left on their auction. You can replace these players with others if they sell before going under contract, look at them as investments that could end up being worth something in time instead of just filling your club.

#2) Turn 1-hour contracts into 6-12 month ones. This way, you can put your players on the transfer market and get them sold, no matter how bad their stats are! I used to buy players with 1-3 stars thinking they would always sell for more than I paid, but it turns out nobody cares about these rubbish players when there are already hundreds in circulation. You need to find better value if you want to make coins fast. The ones that go under contract within a couple of days are much easier to shift as they have not been listed for very long, giving you less competition in the search results window.

#3) List your players again at higher starting bids or BINs; this will push up their prices slightly, which is excellent for you as the coins you make from selling them will be pure profit after fees. You can also list players slightly cheaper to generate a buy now price, which is free coins if somebody clicks it and completes the purchase straight away, another quick way to make a load of coins…

#4) Please don’t list your players under their minimum/starting price. People see these cheap listings on your transfer page, and they don’t mind buying them up because they think they’re getting a good deal. This might even push prices of similar cards down as more people try to undercut each other. If you want some real bargains, look at my player prices here on FUTHead or send me a request asking for my Xbox live username and I will send you a list of players still available at their starting price you want to make easy coins for cheap.

The bottom right shows how many minutes are left before the auction expires. If this turns yellow, it means somebody has placed a bid, which you need to be alert for! If somebody does outbid you, then relist your player straight away with either a higher BIN or slightly higher min buy now price, don’t worry about it being rejected because the system isn’t perfect yet. If you put enough cards up on the transfer market, somebody will eventually buy them, so keep trying until they do.

Use your 2-minute bids

This is simple to understand but always worth mentioning again as I often forget to do it! If you see a player with good stats and a decent number of bidders, but the price isn’t going up very fast, why not try putting in a 2-minute bid where the max you are willing to pay is slightly above everybody else? Has already offered. It works most of the time; just don’t set it too high, or somebody will outbid you, and then your 2 minute bid time will be wasted.

Conclusion – FIFA 22 coins guide to making millions using packs and SBCs

The aim is to get rid of all your players and start with a clean team; we’re only building the club back up again because we want SBCs and reasonable prices.

At least that’s how I do it, but as I said, this method might not work for you; feel free to experiment and see what works for you. If you want to try this method, make sure you have plenty of coins more than the minimum price of all the players you are listing for sale on your transfer market. You need to get quick deals done if somebody outbids you, and remember, 2-minute bids cost 15k each.


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